Muhammad Usman Majeed


There's always a new perspective for a stranger. (Photo at KAUST, Summer 2016)

I am a confident, keen and motivated researcher. Currently I am a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences (AMCS), previously I have MS in AMCS and BS in Electrical Engineering. Presently I am working on modeling and control of complex systems governed by partial differential equations.

Recently I was lucky enough to have a best paper award in one of the prestigious conferences for the development of a novel optimal algorithm. My colleagues at school recall me as a learned "Electrical Engineer" (1st position in a class of 60+ students in BS) with sound knowledge of electronics and communications.

I always try to be a reliable mediator and a remarkable team player who can deal with a diverse kind of situations. My journey from success in "Electrical Engineering" to appreciation in "Applied Mathematics" took a lot of understanding, discipline, openness to new ideas and value to high standards and quality. My story is a unique tale of 3 Ds, that is, Discovery with Dedication and Diligence.